Haj Taher Masri Company Plc. (HTM) is one of the oldest companies in Nablus founded in 1927 by late Haj Taher Masri. Since its establishment, HTM diversified its business into several commercial, industrial and agricultural fields. In 1953, it expanded its operation into the services sector by constructing two fuel stations in the most strategic locations in the city of Nablus. Meanwhile, real estate development was one of the major HTM businesses.

Recently, business takes a new turn, we have many business divisions including real estate development , property management , fuel stations, engine oils and building technologies.

HTM has acquired many exclusive distribution rights for international companies including Bizol , North sea, Milpet , ACDelco , Sauer , Daliform , Bond it , Quiadsa and Diasen .

Our expertise, long history, and highly-trained team, as well as the use of the latest eco-friendly technology in all business fields, have made HTM company synonymous to transparency and credibility.